RouterOS v5.25 and v6rc14 released

MikroTik have announced the availability of RouterOS v5.25 and v6rc14

Here are the main changes:

What’s new in 5.25 (2013-Apr-25 15:59):

  • web proxy – speed up startup;
  • metarouter – fixed occasional lockups on mipsbe boards;
  • wireless – update required when using small width channel RB2011 RB9xx

caveat: update remote end/s before updating AP as both side are required to use new/same version for a link

Full v5 changelog

What’s new in 6.0rc14 (2013-Apr-24 11:52):

  • route – make connected routes inactive when interface has no link;
  • ipsec – changing or removing unused peer or proposal config won’t flush active SAs;
  • console – add ‘without-paging’ to more ‘print’ commands;
  • route – automatically repair FIB inconsistencies;
  • ipsec mode-cfg – unity split include support;
  • ipsec policy – template matching for policy generation;
  • metarouter: fixed occasional lockups on mipsbe boards;
  • fixed crash when bridge filter rule had action=return for rule in builtin chain;
  • traffic-flow – fixed deadlock and crash on multicore;
  • fixed memory leak on CCR with PPPoE interfaces;
  • improved PPPoE interface encapsulation performance;
  • fixed queues – total amount of traffic passing through queues sometimes was about 1Gbit;

Full v6 changelog

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