HowTo: IPv6 over PPPoE on the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite 3-Port EdgeMAX Router

The new 1.2.0beta2 version of the EdgeMAX software on the EdgeRouter Lite has the following entry in its changelog:

[PPPoE] Add IPv6 settings for PPPoE client interfaces, which allows a PPPoE client interface to work with IPv6 address

So how does that work and how can we use it ?
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite 3-Port EdgeMAX Router
Our ISP, Andrews & Arnold, provides native IPv6 over PPPoE, so we thought we would test it.

We will cover the initial PPPoE configuration for IPv4 and then the additional steps for IPv6.

The first step is to configure the PPPoE client, this has to be done via the CLI as this is not currently support in the web interface.
We are using eth2 for the WAN connection over PPPoE:

We also need to ensure that the MTU is set correctly, a PPPoE connection has an 8 byte overhead so on our standard 1500 byte ADSL connection, we have to reduce the MTU to 1492, and the MSS to 40 less than that, namely 1452:

To add a masquerade rule to make the IPv4 connection work:

To enable ipv6 on the PPPoE interface:

To add a static IPv6 address to our internal LAN interface, this is the first IP in our allocated block from our ISP:

To add a default route:

To enable Router Advertisements on eth0, which is our LAN interface:

Once this is done we can test using:


  1. UBNT-stig says:

    Glad you got it working. Thanks for the write up.

  2. Matchstick says:

    Cheers for this, worked perfectly for me.

    Also worth noting that I was able to get Baby Jumbo packets working by settin the pppoe MTU to 1500 and MSS to 1460

    Once I’d done that ping packets with a payload size of 1472 were able to be sent unfragmented, which was nice.

    • jzaw says:

      this pppoe config works a treat
      I use it in a NON NAT setup

      though I do have set eth0 as (pppoe) wan and eth2 as lan … just historically cos physically the ports are left and right as they were on my alix and the ERL just physically popped in place without having to extend cables or cross them one over the other

      baby jumbos work a treat too like Matchstick says just set MTU and MSS appropriately

      thanks for the write up

  3. UBNT-stig says:

    For those that signed up for beta testing, we’re currently beta testing hardware accelerated pppoe for both IPv4 and IPv6.

  4. Christian Ashby says:

    Great article! Note that firewall config is also required to be safe. There are lots of blog posts around about that – it should work whatever the ISP, etc.

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