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LinITX Guide to Optimising LTE Installs

Setting up a 3G/4G/LTE internet connection is becoming increasingly popular, especially with more and more people starting to work from home, in areas where broadband may be lacking or of very poor speed. As a result, we receive a lot of queries asking about setting up a mobile data solutions …

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Mobile Phone 4G LTE Sim Card Size Guide

Here at LinITX.com, we are frequently asked questions relating to sim card compatibility with our range of 4G & LTE routers, which are often used by WISPs in rural areas to provide better broadband. In this guide, we hope to clarify the differences between sim card sizes and which sim …

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What is a WISP?

WISP is a Wireless Internet Service Provider; they normally use wireless networking technology to offer customers with poor or non-existent broadband coverage, access to superior broadband speeds. These customers tend to live in areas where their broadband coverage is less than adequate, often located in more rural areas of the …

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