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Ubiquiti NEXT Announcements

The Ubiquiti NEXT Conference has concluded in Wynn, Las Vegas with a host of new products and upgrades for existing UBNT products. Ubqiuti’s conference has 4 main Themes, Spectrum Utilisation, Network Management, Tower Defensibility and WISP Market expansion. Each will be outlined below. Spectrum Utilisation In this section UBNT announced …

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‘WISP in a box’?

WiFi B/G/N Certified

Does this sound familiar? “We have multiple internet lines to our office with some spare capacity and we want to sell internet services to our local area as we know they don’t have good internet from the xDSL mainstream providers. What items do we need to put such a system …

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Ferrite Clamps

Typical RF Ferrite Bead Choke

We were recently asked by a customer, why would an equipment manufacturer place Ferrite Beads on a coax cable pigtail?  Also, should all pigtails have RF Ferrite beads?  The answer is actually quite simple, but let us first cover some RF theory and show you a photo of what this …

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