Portable POE power source

The Smart PowerBank PoE 16V is a really handy device for wireless installers and surveyors, in fact anyone who needs POE power and isn’t near mains power:

Smart PowerBank PoE 16V main image

Simply a nicely packaged battery pack which supplies 16V DC @ 600mA to your POE device, you can connect it up like this:

linitx product Smart PowerBank PoE 16V Overview image.

It’s ideal for use with Ubiquiti Networks AirMax products and MikroTik RouterBoards and being portable (it fits into your coat pocket) you don’t need to trail around a mains cable when you’re working out the best position for signal strength for your CPE installation 🙂

To recharge the unit plug into a mains or 12V car adapter.  The built -in Li-Ion 7. 2V 1500mAh battery provides 2.5 hours of continuous operation (efficiency 10 W/h, at 400mA load current ).

linitx product Smart PowerBank PoE 16V top image.


A welcome addition to our installation toolkit it’s available here.


  1. DImi says:


    Is this device will work with Mikrotik SXT 5 ac which needs DC 24v supply?

    And what’s the final price?

    Thank you.


  2. vspider says:

    Will it work with power adapter connected as UPS when main power fails?

  3. William says:

    How long will this power a Ubiquiti AirMAX AP for?

  4. Darren says:

    Hi will the 48v versions power a Siklu?

  5. Patrick says:

    Can this be used to power an IP camera for setup?

    • Nick says:

      You would need to check the power requirements of the camera.
      Generally you would need to use the 48v 802.3af power bank for IP cameras, but some may need 24v passive.

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