Ubiquiti UISP-S Switch Managed PoE Switch – Overview

Ubiquiti UISP-S Managed PoE Switch – Cost-Effective and Reliable

The UISP Switch, designed for versatile network applications, and features eight Gigabit Ethernet ports with 27V passive PoE output, enhancing connectivity and power supply to connected devices. It also includes one SFP port for high-capacity uplinks.

UISP Switch has a total PoE budget of 110W, and supports demanding devices and scenarios. Advanced features like port isolation, speed limiting, and DHCP snooping ensure secure and efficient network operations. Standalone management via a local web interface or integration with the UISP application offers flexibility in network configuration and monitoring.

The UISP Switch is an ideal solution for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) looking to quickly and inexpensively deliver Gigabit wireless speeds to their customers. With its substantial power supply and versatile port configuration, it can efficiently power a significant number of radios in a service network. For larger deployments, pairing it with the UISP Console can create a cohesive routing and switching hub, offering scalability and reliability.

The UISP Switch from Ubiquiti presents a compelling option for those seeking a cost-effective and reliable Layer 2 PoE switch for MicroPoP applications. Its blend of performance, manageability, and integration with the UISP Application makes it a versatile networking solution for various deployment scenarios.

As Ubiquiti continues to expand its UISP hardware line, the potential for enhanced features and seamless integration within the UISP ecosystem positions the UISP Switch as a valuable addition to networking setups. Whether for WISPs, ISPs, or other professional network users, the UISP Switch offers a balance of performance and cost-effectiveness.

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