Ubiquiti UniFi Protect UVC-AI-Theta-Pro 4K Video Camera – Overview

UniFi Protect UVC-AI-Theta-Pro 4K Video Camera – AI-Powered Monitoring Surveillance

The UVC-AI-Theta-Pro by Ubiquiti is a groundbreaking surveillance solution designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern security systems. It redefines comprehensive monitoring with its 360° view capability, ensuring that no corner is left uncovered.

The UVC-AI-Theta-Pro is not just a camera; it’s an intelligent observer, equipped with 4K resolution that captures every detail with precision. Its advanced AI capabilities extend to detecting individuals and reading license plates, making it ideal for both private and public spaces needing high-security surveillance.

Ubiquiti’s innovative approach also addresses the challenge of installation flexibility. The UVC-AI-Theta-Pro features a unique design with a separated lens and camera body, allowing for discreet placement and minimal footprint. This design choice not only enhances aesthetic integration into various environments but also offers various mounting options to suit different installation needs.

Moreover, the UVC-AI-Theta-Pro is future-proofed with the option to integrate an AI Theta Audio module, adding another layer of surveillance through sound detection and analysis. This feature underscores the system’s versatility, making it suitable for comprehensive security setups where audio monitoring can provide critical insights.

Ubiquiti’s commitment to advancing security technology is evident in the UVC-AI-Theta-Pro. It embodies a blend of high-definition video quality, AI-powered monitoring, and flexible installation options, setting a new standard in the surveillance industry.

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