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Here at we’re always looking for ways to to make our customers’ lives easier – this latest site update will help customers find quick information on stock that has just arrived in our warehouses.

Visiting the page will direct customers to all stock deliveries within the last 30 days. The most recent deliveries are shown at the top of the page, so customers are always up to date with the latest stock arrivals from Ubiquiti, MikroTik, TP-Link and many more.

If customers are only interested in a specific manufacturer, there is a filter option on the right of the screen – click the dropdown and select your preferred manufacturer, then click “Filter” to display a list of only those products. A great way to quickly check if that Ubiquiti item has just turned up, or your MikroTik order can be completed, now that switch is in stock.

Alternatively, the link for each manufacturer is just the delivery URL: + “Manufacturer” – so for Ubiquiti it’s

Here’s a few quick links that might come in useful:

We recommend customers add to their bookmarks or shortcuts, but you can always find a link to deliveries from the homepage of our website. Just click the small banner on the right of our main homepage slider to be taken directly to our deliveries list.

If you have any feedback on this addition to our website, please let our team know by emailing or call us today on 01449 888000. We always love to listen to customers’ helpful feedback!

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