An introduction to IPv6 on RouterOS

Here are some simple steps to start using IPv6 on RouterOS.

You need a provider who will allocate you an IPv6 block, this can be natively or via a 6in4 tunnel.

Lets deal with the first case of a block delivered over a PPPoE connection, which would be typical for an ADSL or cable provider.

First of all make sure that the IPv6 package is enabled on your routerboard, look in System -> Packages in winbox or run /system package print in a terminal session. If the package isn’t enabled, then first enable it and then reboot.
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HowTo: Control privacy addressing for IPv6 in Linux

It seems that some people didn’t like their MAC address being magically used as part of their IPv6 address, and so some bright spark created the concept of privacy addresses – see RFC3041

However sometimes we need to be able to control the behaviour, sometimes we want to enable them and sometimes we want to disable them.

Under Linux we can do this by altering values in sysctl, these are documented in ip-sysctl.txt
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