airMAX AC Firmware v8.7.0 – Where is PtMP Mode?

The newest airOS version 8.7.0 brings a host of performance improvements such as, up to a 40% improvement for bridge links running in PtP mode on 80MHz and improved device stability when handling larger numbers of client connections.

More importantly, 8.7.0 makes huge changes to the wireless UI. In an attempt to simplify the wireless mode settings, the well established drop down has been abolished.

This affects all Ubiquiti airMAX AC products – please see our shop page for a product list.

Old UI for airOS:


The new simplified UI menu replaces airMAX AC-only mode with airMAX mixed mode by default (unless PtP mode is selected), meaning as long as your AP is an airMAX AC model, you can mix and match AC and non-AC stations. Wireless modes are now decided by toggle switches, we will go over some basic configurations for clarity on these.

Example 1 – AP PtMP:

The above config would mean the unit is in Access Point mode as this is selected. PtP mode is switch off, which means it is in PtMP mode which, as we mentioned earlier automatically enables airMAX mixed mode.

Example 2 – AP PtP:

This configuration has PtP mode enabled which disables airMAX mixed mode. You will now be shown a warning that in the current configuration, only AC stations would be supported.

Example 3 – Station PtMP:

Lastly, this combination would mean that the unit is in Station Mode (as Access Point mode is off) and PtMP mode. AirMAX mixed mode would also be enabled automatically. This configuration could be connected to our first example.

In summary;

  • AP Mode = On. Unit is in AP Mode
  • AP Mode = Off. Unit is in Station Mode
  • PtP Mode = On. Unit is in PtP Mode
  • PtP Mode = Off. Unit is in PtMP Mode
  • When PtP Mode = On. AirMAX Mixed Mode is disabled.

When setting up a new link, it is always recommended to scan the available frequencies and select the channel or channels that are best for your deployment.

Please see the Ubiquiti airMAX AC Firmware v8.7.0 page for further details.

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  1. thank you very much

  2. HI im have rocket prism 5ac gen2with amo 13 oni antenna running in ptmp mixmode with several nbe ac gen2 set up as station ptmp

    my question is

    1. if I change the rocket prism gen tp ptp it will enable the ap airmax ac
    2. the nbe gen2 will be change to ptp mode?
    3. will it run flawlessly with all ac environment?
    4. I thought if I put multiple cpe ac gen2 connected in ap I should choose ptmp. but airmax ac is disabled

    Thx for the reply

    • We can offer some basic advice here, but if you have an order number and have purchased these items from our website, we are able to offer full technical support.

      If you only have a single nbe-5ac-gen2 as a station, this should not be used in mixed mode.
      If you are connecting more than 1 station, you must use ptmp mode.
      PtP mode is only used for 1 device to another single device.

      Many thanks,


  3. Jake, THANK YOU! I was using a PtP solution and added another station. Only one of my units had the older drop down menu which seemed clear to understand. However, the others had been upgraded and I was pulling my hair trying to figure out what to do! Until I found your web page explanation. Then it became all so clear! Logic just seemed backwards to choose what it was NOT supposed to be, to get it to do what you want. Anyway, thank you. I’d still be befuddled had you not brought it to light!

  4. Thank you!!! I have been struggling for days after upgrade. Is it possible to purchase a phone consultation with guys?

    Thanks agian!

  5. Current mode is described on the (main) Dashboard page

  6. Thanks for sharing this … saved me some hours hunting !

  7. Anthony Freeme

    Totally of the topic, is there a way that i can get a script writen, to send to all my devices(233) in the feild almost like a firmware upgrade to change the subnet mask on all devices, as my current network can only carry 254 devices and i need to upgrade my network as we are growing very fast and im running out of IP address.
    Or if you have any options for me can you please kindly share i really cant afford to dail into every device and change to masks to accomidate and network consisting of 1024 devices which is my end goal.

  8. Thank you for this!

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