MTCNA – April 2013

We’ve still got a couple of places left on the MTCNA (MikroTik Certified Network Associate) Training course. Come along to the Best Western Conference Hotel in Claydon (nr Ipswich) on Tuesday 16th April 2013 and over the three days learn about how to do the following list of topics with a mix of theory, practical labs and documentation designed to help you with deploying RouterOS in the workplace:
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‘WISP in a box’?

Does this sound familiar?

“We have multiple internet lines to our office with some spare capacity and we want to sell internet services to our local area as we know they don’t have good internet from the xDSL mainstream providers. What items do we need to put such a system together? We have limited technical skills in this business, so if you could be very specific in the list of parts required and the trade costs for each item, that would be great! We intend selling internet to our local town which is about 500 houses and we can get 8Mbps service on each of our 4 phone lines. Do you think that would be enough speed for those 500 users, i.e.32Mbps as I’ve been told we can get away with 50:1 contention which is the same that BT uses? I have heard about bonding lines together, but on talking to our ISP they don’t know what we mean, so doubt they can do that themselves. Therefore can you also give us advice on a suitable device that can bond them together please and thus bypass our ISP as they can’t help us? I’ve read on their website that MikroTik can do bonding and can also be used for the core of a wireless ISP business, so that’s why we contacted yourselves. We have now secured access to a roof top that can see the majority of the town, but we also want to feed some farms in the distance about 10km away. Although there are some trees and the odd building in the way, I can just about see the farms between all the obstructions, so the wireless should work fine shouldn’t it? I have read that 802.11n can work around corners, so it will work easily through just a few conifer trees, right? I will forward you some photos we took from the roof if that helps?  Our capital budget is only about £1000 for this project, which I reckon if we use MikroTik will be enough money to make it be successful.  What are your thoughts?  Don’t forget, we need a complete list of everything we need to order and how it all connects together, once we get that we’ll send you a bank transfer immediately!”
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MikroTik MTCNA course

Our next MikroTik MTCNA course is running in November from the 20th to the 22nd.

Location: Claydon Country House Hotel, nr Ipswich

The Course
This training course will provide you with the skills to configure a MikroTik RouterOS Routerboard as a dedicated router, a bandwidth manager, a secure firewall appliance, a simple wireless access point, a VPN Server or Client or an Internet Hotspot concentrator etc. It is a course that covers the basics for those that new to MikroTik RouterOS (or are struggling to understand it!) and concentrates on the basics of setting up a MikroTik device. Subjects covered include, installing and upgrading the RouterOS, first login to the RouterOS using RouterBOARD, creating a simple network, static IP addressing and routing, basic dynamic routing using OSPF, creating a DHCP server and client, firewall filters and NAT rules, various VPN Tunnel types, simple queues for bandwidth control, hotspot configuration, wIreless networks, web proxy for URL Filtering control and caching and The Dude.
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MikroTik Distribution, Sales, Training and Consultancy

LinITX are the largest MikroTik distributor and stockist in the UK.

Our team of MikroTik Certified Consultants can provide technical support and engineering solutions including product and configuration advice.

We are the only authorised MikroTik Training centre in the UK. We can also provide training courses at your site if you have at least 6 people who need training.
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