What is CPE in Networking?

CPE means Customer Premises Equipment and refers to communication equipment (like a router, bridge, modem or access point), which is normally physically located at the customer’s home or business premises. As LinITX are a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), we often deploy wireless access points like the UniFi UAP AC PRO or a network bridge like the airMAX NanoBeam AC at customers premises in order to provide them with a means to access high-speed broadband wirelessly, when their own ISP is unable to provide adequate coverage via their antiquated cable networks.

CPE devices are often rented or leased along with a service package, in order to allow customers internet access without a huge financial outlay for expensive equipment. Sometimes it’s as simple as a broadband router like the AmpliFi HD Home Router, or larger companies like Virgin or BT will send you their own branded router at no cost, when you sign up for one of their internet packages. Other times, there will be multiple networking devices required, especially at a large business or university, in situations like this you are most likely to see multiple wireless access points and wireless network bridges.

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