MikroTik YouTube Channel & Product Videos

LinITX.com often uses product videos in our item page descriptions to help customers understand how a specific product functions or even just to show how a product might look in “real life” – product videos can help give a better idea of size in context with other equipment and in the consumer’s hands.

In this blog post, we’ll concentrate on MikroTik’s YouTube channel and all the information and product videos they offer via YouTube. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to the MikroTik channel!

At present (March 2023) MikroTik’s YouTube channel has over 93K subscribers and over 1.5K videos uploaded. MikroTik started their channel in April 2012 and it has steadily grown into a great resource for product news and information, it also hosts recordings of their worldwide live events – MikroTik MUM.

We’ve highlighted below a selection of the content available on their channel, which many of our customers might find helpful in understanding how their MikroTik product functions or how to get the most out of your network built around MikroTik products.

MikroTik Product News:

MikroTik LTE Solutions:

MikroTik IoT Solutions:

MikroTik Tips: