News: MikroTik RouterOS 6.28 released

MikroTik have announced the availability of RouterOS v6.28

Here is the changelog:

  • email – increase server greeting timeout to 60s
  • lte – ZTE MF823 may loose configuration
  • userman – update paypal root certificate
  • timezone – updated timezone information to 2015b release
  • cm2 – fixed capsman v2 100% CPU and other stability improvements
  • route – using ldp could cause connected routes with invalid interface nexthop
  • added support for SiS 190/191 PCI Ethernet adapter
  • made metarouter work on boards with 802.11ac support or usb LTE
  • sstp server – allow ADH only when no certificate set
  • make fat32 disk formatting support disks bigger than 134GiB
  • fixed tunnels – could crash when clamp-tcp-mss was enabled
  • added basic counters for ipv4/bridge fast path, also show status wether fast path is active at all
  • trafflow: – fixed crash on disable
  • pppoe over eoip – fixed crash with large packets
  • tilegx – fixed memory leak when queue settings are changed
  • ar9888 – fixed crash when hw reports invalid rate
  • console – fixed “in” operator in console
  • console – make “/system package update print” work again.
  • tile – rare situation when CCR devices failed to auto-negotiate ethernet link (introduced in v6.25)
  • dhcpv4 client – it is now possible to unset default clientid and hostname options
  • initial RoMon (Router Management Overlay Network) support added.

MikroTik have left the most interesting addition to last. RoMon.  According to MikroTik this is going to be “WinBox on Steroids” as it will effectively allow Layer 2 type Mac-Telnet connections on Layer 3!  We’ve been testing v6.28rc20 for some time, but RoMon was inserted into the final build at the very last minute, so we’ve not yet had time to test this new feature.

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