How Do I Return or Replace My Faulty Ubiquiti Product? UK RMA Procedure

Here at LinITX we often get calls from customers who have purchased their Ubiquiti product from another reseller (not from LinITX), wanting to know how to return their faulty Ubiquiti product in the UK. When the other company’s customer service is either not helpful or in some cases, non-existent, the customer gets frustrated when we try to explain the correct way of returning their product for a replacement or refund is directly with the company they originally purchased from.

LinITX have, in the past, helped some of these customers with their Ubiquiti RMA requests, however it is becoming a common trend for other resellers to offer no after sales support and expect other more knowledgeable companies to deal with their unsatisfied customers wanting to return faulty goods.

To be absolutely clear – in every single instance, when a Ubiquiti product is faulty and still within warranty, you will need to deal directly with the company you purchased from. You should never have to deal with Ubiquiti directly. The only instance where you might need to deal with Ubiquiti’s own RMA procedure is if the company you purchased from no longer exists or the item is out of warranty.

If you have exhausted all possibilities with the original seller and they will not process a return, we advise obtaining an RMA number directly from Ubiquiti. In some cases LinITX are able to assist with your return if you have an official RMA number from them (even if you haven’t purchased from us), but this is not encouraged and will be on a case by case basis.

Please be aware that customers using Ubiquiti’s own RMA procedure will be dealing directly with their American headquarters and not anywhere based in the UK or EU. What this leads to is expensive shipping charges to send the item back to America, then on the way back, our wonderful HMRC will add VAT to your goods due to the value of the parcel being declared by Ubiquiti – this is of course not applicable to a returned item purchased in the UK, but you will have to dispute that charge after having paid for it – a very long and drawn out process.

So, what are the steps to send back a faulty Ubiquiti item purchased in the UK?

  1. In every instance, contact the reseller you purchased from – they are legally bound to accept the faulty unit as a return, providing it is still in warranty
  2. The reseller (depending on their own return procedure) should normally issue an RMA number in order to facilitate the return of your faulty Ubiquiti item
  3. Package your faulty Ubiquiti item back in its original packaging (if you still have it) and a suitable outer box
  4. Display the RMA number clearly on the outer packaging
  5. Address to the company’s return address (if different from their registered address)
  6. Send via a recorded or signed for service to ensure you have proof of dispatch
  7. Await contact from your reseller regarding the faulty item and replacement / refund


In most circumstances (when the product is within warranty), customers should not have to contact Ubiquiti when returning a faulty product, all of this should be performed by the reseller. If they are not willing to help or tell you to contact Ubiquiti directly, you must inform Ubiquiti that this company is not fulfilling their duty as a reseller of Ubiquiti products.

We can only warn customers that certain resellers will sell at heavily discounted rates due to their lack of knowledge and understanding of the products, lack of after sales support, and lack of any official RMA procedure for Ubiquiti items within warranty. These companies sell items cheaply for a reason, you will be stuck with a faulty item and no support – buy from a reputable UK Ubiquiti Master Distributor in all cases!

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  1. Richard Thompson

    The biggest problem is that the least helpful people for RMAs who like to do things like pretend there is no warranty for business customers and only a 6 month warranty for consumers are also a UK Ubiquiti Master Distributor 😉

    • We agree with your sentiment and can only advise you to report this company to Ubiquiti. Without this kind of feedback from UK customers, Ubiquiti has no way of knowing this sort of practice is going on.

      LinITX has a very strong relationship with Ubiquiti and our ethos is to always put the customer first. As we’ve stated in our article, if you have problems with suppliers giving you the runaround, why not try using another company that will put the customers’ best interests above making a quick profit online.

      It’s very easy to choose a company that has the cheapest price online, only to find out that saving a few pounds will actually cost you a lot more in time and money when a problem arises. Our prices may not be the cheapest overall, but our technical support and customer service is exceptional when compared to most of our competitors.

      As the old saying goes: “You pays your money, and you takes your choice.”

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