Ubiquiti UniFi UK-Ultra “Swiss Army Knife” Access Point Overview

Elevating Connectivity: Discover the Ubiquiti UniFi UK-Ultra Access Point

Introducing the UniFi UK Ultra “Swiss Army Knife” Access Point, a multifaceted device suitable for home and business use. Designed with versatility in mind, this device is a powerhouse of connectivity, tailored for those who demand excellence in both performance and reliability.

Robust and Reliable Wireless Coverage

The UniFi UK-Ultra is engineered to deliver extensive WiFi 5 dual-radio coverage with 4 spatial streams, ensuring an uninterrupted connection across a wide area. Its ability to support over 200 connected devices simultaneously makes it a perfect fit for bustling office environments, public spaces, or large homes.

Versatile Installation Options

Ubiquiti understands that one size does not fit all. Therefore, the UK-Ultra offers flexible mounting options – whether you’re looking to install it on walls, ceilings, or poles, this Access Point comes equipped with all the necessary accessories to fit your specific needs.

Weatherproof Design for Outdoor Use

The UK-Ultra‘s weatherproof design ensures it can withstand the elements, making it an ideal choice for outdoor installations. Whether it’s mounted on a pole in a park or on the wall of a building, you can trust the UK-Ultra to provide reliable service.

Enhanced Connectivity with Optional External Antennas

For environments requiring extended range, the UK-Ultra features RP-SMA connectors for attaching optional external antennas, further enhancing its versatility and ensuring that your network reaches every corner.


The Ubiquiti UniFi UK-Ultra Access Point is more than just a networking device; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern wireless networks. With its robust coverage, versatile mounting options, weatherproof construction, and optional extended range, the UK-Ultra is ready to elevate your connectivity experience to new heights.

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