Alta Labs: Redefining Network Management with AltaPass

AltaPass – A Powerful Single Wireless Network SSID

Alta Labs is transforming the landscape of network configuration and management. Alta’s breakthrough technology, AltaPass, distinguishes them from the competition, especially when compared to the traditional Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) approach.

So, what sets AltaPass apart?

At its core, AltaPass is an innovative feature exclusive to Alta Labs. It enables clients to connect to a single wireless network SSID using a variety of passwords. What’s revolutionary is that each password provides different levels of network and internet access. This level of customisation is configured easily through the Alta Cloud Management Portal, where network admins can apply various settings based on predefined use cases.

Imagine being able to associate a password with specific upload/download rates, VLANs, or even bypass certain filtering rules and hotspot functionalities. AltaPass makes this a reality, offering nuanced control over network policies while simplifying and decluttering broadcast traffic in environments deploying Alta Labs’ access points. This leads to a cleaner RF environment and, as a result, higher performance.

Real-World Application: A Case Study Near Notre Dame University

Let’s delve into a practical example. A recent project near Notre Dame University involved deploying 72 Alta Labs access points in a newly renovated apartment complex.

Instead of setting up multiple SSIDs and passwords for tenants, management, and building automation, a single SSID with over 72 passwords was created. This streamlined approach significantly reduced the complexity of the network setup.

Each tenant, upon signing their lease, receives a unique password. Depending on the password used, they can have varied internet speeds, be assigned a unique VLAN and subnet, and even have a specific network type preset by Alta Labs.

In this project, with potentially thousands of devices connecting, the “Large” network type was chosen for optimal performance.

Beyond Basic Configuration: Advanced Customisation with AltaPass

AltaPass technology doesn’t stop there. It allows for intricate customisation on a per-password basis. You can control aspects like adherence to site-specific schedules, hotspot server visibility, and even deep packet inspection and filtration.

Consider a homeowner wanting to regulate internet usage for children or a business owner needing different internet access for various employee roles. With AltaPass, internet availability can be scheduled, turning off access outside of designated hours for certain users, while allowing unrestricted access for others.

The beauty of AltaPass lies in its versatility. There’s no limit to the number of passwords you can create for a single SSID, offering endless possibilities for policy creation within any site. Alta Labs is not just about providing WiFi access; it’s about tailoring it to fit every unique need and scenario.

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