How to Create a Folder in MikroTik RouterOS

If you need to create a new folder in MikroTik RouterOS, you have probably navigated to the Files menu and looked for a ‘create new folder’ button. Then not finding one, you’ve Googled to find out what command to use to create a folder.

I’ll save you the effort of looking… there isn’t one!  The only search results that come up explain how to use ftp or sftp to create a folder that way.  All very complicated and messy.

However, there is a quick and simple method you can use to that saves you a lot of time and effort by using the SMB file sharing service.  This is normally disabled and we do not even need to enable it, to perform this trick.

If you are using Winbox, go to IP / SMB and then click on ‘Shares’. Click the [+] button to create a new share and in the ‘directory’ field, type in the name you want for the new directory to be created. Click ‘Apply’.  The directory will now have been created, so you can safely delete the newly created share, which will still leave the directory you’ve just created. (You can also create multiple nested folders this way too).

If you are using the CLI, input

/ip smb shares add name={anything} directory={NameOfDirectoryToCreate}

where {anything} is to be replaced with any name you wish as it needs something to be entered, and {NameOfDirectoryToCreate} is obviously the folder name you want creating.


/ip smb shares remove [find !default]

to remove the newly created SMB share, but leaving the directory still intact.

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