MikroTik MTCINE Training Course

MikroTik Certified Inter-Networking Engineer (MTCINE) Training Course


The MikroTik MTCINE covers BGP fundamentals, Path Vector algorithm, Transport and packet types, difference between iBGP and eBGP, Non-Stub and Stub network scenarios and private AS removal, iBGP and eBGP multi-hop and loopback usage, modifying Route distribution and using routing filters, the best path selection algorithm, prefix attributes and their usage, route reflectors and confederations. MPLS basics, using Static and LDP for Labels, Penultimate-hop-popping, MPLS traceroute differences, LDP based VPLS tunnels, Bridge Split Horizon, VPLS Control Word (CW) usage, importance of L2MTU and MPLS fragmentation, BGP based VPLS, VRF and route leaking, BGP based Layer3 tunnels (L3VPN), OSPF as a CE-PE protocol. TE (Traffic Engineering) and how it works, RSVP, Static path, and dynamic path (CSPF), Bandwidth allocation and bandwidth limitation differences and settings.

The Trainer:

The training course is normally delivered by Ron Touw. Ron has over 30 years experience in RF and WiFi systems and a decade of specialising in MikroTik products, designing, building and running a Wireless ISP service, delivering wireless hotspots to a number of Marinas and hotels in Guernsey as well as offering consultancy services to many other ISPs utilising MikroTik equipment around the world.

The MTCINE Qualification:

The MikroTik Certified Inter-Networking Engineer (MTCINE) qualification is only issued upon passing the MTCINE online examination, it is not available online unless invigilated by an approved Mikrotik Trainer. In order to take the examination MikroTik require the full attendance of an official training course delivered by an approved Mikrotik Trainer.

The training delivery and material used can be checked by Mikrotik at any time to ensure a high standard is maintained and therefore the student can be assured that the qualification is of worth to any potential employer. The training material is constantly being updated as each RouterOS version is updated and therefore the MTCINE qualification is only valid for a period of three years from date of issue.

Student Prerequisites:

  • In accordance with MikroTik Terms and Conditions, only students who have successfully passed an MTCNA and MTCRE in the past will be permitted to take this Engineer Level Certification Exam. Students without a current MTCNA and MTCRE certificate are however permitted to take their MTCNA and MTCRE certifications during this training course. If you wish to renew your current certifications, please click here for more info. (If you need to take both MTCNA and MTCRE certifications, purchase two NA renewals).
  • Laptop with WiFi and Ethernet ports. If laptop is non-windows based (e.g. OSX, Linux), then Winbox must be pre installed and working before arrival.
  • Optional – USB console cable or WOOMB
  • two CAT5 cables, min length 2m each
  • If the student is wishing to take the examination, then Photo ID will be required to prove identity before taking the exam. Acceptable types of ID are equal to that required for City and Guilds exams. E.g. Passport, Photo Driving Licence, National ID Card.

What is included?

  • 3 days of training.
  • Tea/Coffee, soft drinks throughout the day.
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Training manual
  • Free Packet Flow Diagram A1 Poster
  • Free MikroTik RouterOS Level 4 License on passing examination
  • MikroTik Mug for any exam score above 80%
  • The exam – (if required)

For details on current and upcoming MikroTik Training Courses, please vist our training course page for more details. If you have any other questions relating to our training course, please all our technical team on 01449 724255 or email shop@linitx.com for assistance.

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