New Product: MikroTik NetMetal5 and mANT30 The Perfect Combination



MikroTik’s latest and greatest NetMetal 5 is here supporting the revolutionary 802.11AC technology to achieve modulation rates of up to 866Mbps over a wireless link which allows maximum data throughput of up to 540 Mbps.

The new NetMetal is completely new and designed from the ground up with performance in mind, a solid die cast aluminium enclosures ensures complete protection in any situation and doubles up as heat-sink allowing high power outputs and increased performance.


2 Models of the NetMetal 5 are available a dual chain for 2×2 MIMO and a triple chain 3×3 MIMO supporting more simultaneous links for more throughput and improved links. To make the NetMetal’s truly great MikroTik needed a great antenna to match, this is where the mANT30 series dish antenna comes in. Built to match the NetMetal’s huge capabilities MikroTik designed the mANT30 to the highest industry standards incorporating a huge 30dBi gain.



MikroTik have developed 2 mANT30 models, first is the standard mANT30 suitable for short to medium links. For those links where precise alignment is essential MikroTik have developed the Precision Alignment mANT30 which allows for more accurate horizontal and vertical adjustment to get that perfect alignment.


These 2 amazing innovations from MikroTik are in stock and ready to go today, see below for links:
NetMetal Dual Chain 2×2 MiMo

NetMetal Triple Chain 3.3 MiMo

Standard mANT30

Precision alignment mANT30

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  1. Hello I have about the netmetal5 mounted on mant30 antenna.
    Let’s assume:
    Site A: 1 mANT30 with the netmetal5
    Site B: 1 mANT30 with the netmetal5

    Can you tell what is the farthest distance I can achieve with the above scenario if I were to use the same exact equipment on both sides ?

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