New Product: MikroTik CubeSA 60Pro ac 60GHz Sector Antenna

Introducing the MikroTik 60GHz 802.11ay AC Sector Antenna – CubeG-5ac60ay-SA

The new Cube 60Pro product line from MikroTik takes the advantages of 60GHz networking to the next level – with the 802.11ay standard for higher distances, stability, speed, and convenience.

60GHz solutions offer fiber-like speed and stability – while saving you time and money on installation and maintenance.

Ideally suited for connecting multiple devices – take a look at the CubeSA 60Pro ac sector antenna.

Reaching distances up to 600 metres in point-to-multipoint mode, this device can be very helpful for all kinds of event management: from live shows, festivals, and workshops, to construction sites, pop-up vaccination clinics, and other popular venues.

There’s no need for complex wired installations in every location – the portable and convenient CubeSA 60Pro ac has got you covered! Depending on your setup, the distance can be even greater; For example, with devices like MikroTik nRAY, you can reach up to 800 metres.

Automatic 5 GHz backup connection

The 60 GHz frequency is ideal for use in a crowded wireless spectrum, it isn’t affected by other devices on the same frequency, but it can sometimes struggle during bad weather. Luckily, the Cube 60Pro ac features an automatic 5 GHz failover. MikroTik added a powerful directional antenna so that the 5 GHz range can keep up with the 60 GHz.

More durability, less unwanted attention

The Cube 60Pro ac features an upgraded enclosure, featuring a strong metal base – ideal for better mounting and cooling options. The Cube form-factor emerges from pure practicality: it’s durable, unobtrusive, and compact.

Please get in touch with our technical team on 01449 888000 or email if you’d like further details on our range of MikroTik products.

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