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Xclaim delivers a new class of Wi-Fi with the performance and reliability your business can depend on. Xclaim’s new range of products is built upon the idea of making WiFi simple and reliable for small business and homes alike with unique app based control and now a powerful web based management tool.

We have been chosen by Xclaim to become one of a select few of distributors to stock their range of WiFi Access points. This range will consist of 3 indoor access point each with it’s own capabilities and 1 outdoor access point with the latest technology built in. We will be testing the range and providing feedback as they come into stock including some help full HowTo Blogs and other insights as the Xclaim range updates and develops in the upcoming months.

The Range


The Xi-1 is Xclaim’s entry level access point with a maximum throughput of up to 300Mbps. The Xi-1 comes equipped with a selectable dual band wireless card which means it can operate in 2.4Ghz mode or 5Ghz mode with up to 4 BSSID’s for segregation of networks. The Xi-1 can be found here with more information and pricing.


The Xi-2 is the next step up from the Xi-1 with a dual band dual radio card meaning that 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz can be broadcast simultaneously giving an aggregated maximum throughput of up to 600Mbps. The Xi-2 is best suited for small business environments where business critical equipment can be assigned to the less congested 5Ghz band (5Ghz compatibility required) giving a more stable experience. More information and pricing can be found here.


The Xi-3 is the top level of Xclaim’s range support the latest 802.11ac technology leading to higher capable throughputs and connection speeds making the Xi-3 perfect to high density environments such as class rooms or indoor public events. The Xi-3 has a total aggregated throughput of up to 1.167Gps (1167Mbps). We expect big things from the Xi-3 with ac technology becoming more common in the latest WiFi devices, more information and pricing can be found here.



The Xo-1 is Xclaim’s solution to simple reliable outdoor WiFi. The Xo-1 come with the latest 802.11ac technology leading to higher capable throughputs and connection speeds enclosed within an outdoor chassis this makes access point perfect for providing wireless connectivity for outdoor events. The Xo-1 has a total aggregated throughput of up to 1.167Gps (1167Mbps). The Xo-1 has as standard a more powerful 2.4Ghz antenna allowing it to broadcast further to server more clients. More information and pricing can be found here.


The Interface

Unlike other access points the Xclaim system has a very unique mobile application which acts as a central controller allowing easy adoption and quick setup. The mobile application also allows for basic statistic collection from all access points. The Xclaim Harmony application is available free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The Harmony application is very clear and simple and more importantly it is secure, once an access point have been adopted by the application it cannot be accessed by another harmony application on a different phone/tablet.Xclaim access point and Harmony app with iPhone and iPad


The application is not the only method to configure an Xclaim access point, each AP comes with a simple and powerful web utility (Firmware + only) which makes any Xclaim access point controller less and self sufficient. The web gui allows the creation of 4 seperate BSSID’s per radio and the set up of rate limited to simply restrict one use on a specified wireless SSID taking all the band width.

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Check out the Xclaim product range HERE.


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