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Ubiquiti Product Terminology & Brand Update

In the ever-changing world of WiFi technology and wireless networking, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of the latest technical terms and language used to refer to product ranges and specific product types. Ubiquiti has been providing innovative, cutting-edge products for the last 20 years, and in that time, WiFi …

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Ubiquiti UniFi 6 (U6) Range of WiFi 6 Access Points & Mesh WiFi

Ubiquiti UniFi 6 (U6) range of WiFi 6 access points and mesh WiFi offers higher efficiency, wider coverage and greater connection speeds than standard WiFi 5 access points of previous generations. stocks a wide range of the UniFi 6 UK lineup, including the UniFi U6-Lite, UniFi U6-Pro, UniFi U6-LR and UniFi U6-Enterprise access points, alongside …

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