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What is OpenWrt?

OpenWrt is an open-source project based on Linux, it’s completely free and aimed at users wanting to create custom embedded operating systems for routers. One of the main benefits to using OpenWrt is it allows users to customise their router’s funcionality, usually improving on the performance provided by the default firmware. …

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New Product: MikroTik CubeSA 60Pro ac 60GHz Sector Antenna

Introducing the MikroTik 60GHz 802.11ay AC Sector Antenna – CubeG-5ac60ay-SA The new Cube 60Pro product line from MikroTik takes the advantages of 60GHz networking to the next level – with the 802.11ay standard for higher distances, stability, speed, and convenience. 60GHz solutions offer fiber-like speed and stability – while saving …

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Coming Soon… MikroTik 100 Gigabit Cloud Core Router CCR2216

Introducing MikroTik’s Latest CCR2216 Cloud Core Router – CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ! LinITX is pleased to announce a new MikroTik flagship product: the Cloud Core Router 2216, offering up to 100 Gigabit connection speeds! Featuring a powerful 16-core CPU that can keep up with performance of the beastly 72-core Tile CPU of MikroTik’s …

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