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News: MikroTik PowerBox Pro Gigabit Outdoor PoE

We now have stock of the MikroTik PowerBox Pro The MikroTik PowerBox Pro is an outdoor five Gigabit Ethernet port router with PoE output on four ports. The PowerBox Pro features a sleek outdoor enclosure, making it suitable for various types of installations such as radio towers. The PowerBox also …

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News: MikroTik release RouterOS 6.38.7 (bugfix tree)

MikroTik have a new release in the bugfix tree. What’s new in 6.38.7 (2017-Jun-20 10:55): !) bridge – fixed BPDU rx/tx when “protocol-mode=none”; !) bridge – reverted bridge BPDU processing back to pre-v6.38 behaviour (v6.40 will have another separate VLAN-aware bridge implementation); *) 6to4 – fixed wrong IPv6 “link-local” …

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MikroTik release RouterOS 6.36

MikroTik have released 6.36 in the current release channel. Here is their changelog: What’s new in 6.36 (2016-Jul-20 14:09): *) arm – added Dude server support; *) dude – (changes discussed here:; *) dude – server package is now made smaller. client side content upgrade is now removed from …

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