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Ubiquiti AmpliFi Gamer’s Edition – Get Your Game On!

We’re really impressed with the AmpliFi Gamer’s Edition whole home WiFi system – with increased speeds, better coverage and lower latency (compared to the standard AmpliFi system), plus the added bonus of its sleek black finish and awesome green LED lighting. It’s already a firm favourite with gamers in the …

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UAP/USW Firmware Update

UAP/USW Firmware Update  Features: [USW-PRO] Support static routes Improvements [USW-Pro/USW-POE/USP-RPS] Update LCM firmware to add new status messages and fix PoE power checking. [USW-Flex] Report total PoE budget. [USW-Flex] Change max. PoE capability from AF to AT. [USW-Pro] LCM firmware improvements. [USW-Pro] Implement overheat and RPS power warnings ( …

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