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HowTo: Control privacy addressing for IPv6 in Linux

It seems that some people didn’t like their MAC address being magically used as part of their IPv6 address, and so some bright spark created the concept of privacy addresses – see RFC3041 However sometimes we need to be able to control the behaviour, sometimes we want to enable them …

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Fixing slow laptop wifi on linux

I’ve got a nice shiny Samsung Series 7 laptop with Broadcom based 802.11n wifi in it. I’m using xubuntu on it and it was working very well, but every so often I noticed that the wireless connection was running very slowly. Eventually I realised it was only happening when it …

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MikroTik RouterOS v6rc1 released!

*RouterOS v6 release candidate 1 has been released* v6 has many new features, among them: – Doubles performance for Simple Queues – New kernel and drivers – Increases multicore system performance 25% or more – Increases single core performance 10% or more – High speed configuration for filters, scripting and …

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