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Zalman VE300 Portable Virtual ROM Drive

Are you fed up of having to burn CDs with ISO images, or do you keep losing the CDs ? The Zalman Portable Virtual ROM Drive is ideal for you. The Zalman VE300 2.5″ SATA HDD Enclosure is a replacement for your portable CD/DVD player and discs. Install your choice …

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An introduction to IPv6 on RouterOS

Here are some simple steps to start using IPv6 on RouterOS. You need a provider who will allocate you an IPv6 block, this can be natively or via a 6in4 tunnel. Lets deal with the first case of a block delivered over a PPPoE connection, which would be typical for …

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Ferrite Clamps

Typical RF Ferrite Bead Choke

We were recently asked by a customer, why would an equipment manufacturer place Ferrite Beads on a coax cable pigtail?  Also, should all pigtails have RF Ferrite beads?  The answer is actually quite simple, but let us first cover some RF theory and show you a photo of what this …

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