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MikroTik User Meeting Venice 2014 – Presentation on QoS and Layer7

LinITX Presentation at MUM Venice 2014

Once again LinITX were in attendance at the European venue for MikroTik’s User Meeting.  Each year it gets larger with MikroTik stating that it was nearly the largest event so far, at approximately 1200 attendees. Ron Touw usually contributes to the meetings with a technical presentation and/or delivers Training in …

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Ubiquiti announce Training course updates

UniFi Certification Training

Ubiquiti have renamed the existing UACA (Ubiquiti AirMAX-Certified Admin) and UUCA (Ubiquiti UniFi-Certified Admin) training courses. But this is not just about a simple re-branding.  Ubiquiti have announced that instead of the training being equipment specific, it will be more orientated towards the typical roles encountered in ‘Enterprises’ and ‘Carriers’. …

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Tired of adverts in Skype?

If like myself, you are becoming tired of the Microsoft adverts within current versions of Skype, copy/paste this into your Mikrotik Router’s CLI (if it is providing you with your DNS Service). /ip dns static add address= add address= add address=

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