Help! My UAP Will Not Adopt / Upgrade!


One of the most common troubleshooting questions we get asked at LinITX, often involves customers wondering why their original UAP/UAP-LR/UAP-PRO “will not work”. Whether this is a problem with adopting, upgrading or applying settings to an existing network, it’s normally solved by ensuring your UniFi Network Controller Software is the correct version (V5.6.42).
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Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien – WiFi 6 Gigabit Mesh Router – Product Info & Specifications

AmpliFi Alien
Something out of this world just happened at the LinITX offices this morning. We’ve just seen something strange hovering in our cloudy Suffolk skyline, many of our staff thought they’d seen a UFO, but it soon became clear it was the new AmpliFi Alien Gigabit WiFi 6 Gigabit Router.

An official UK release date has not been announced, but we hope to see this landing on our shores sometime in the first half of 2020.
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RouterOS V7 Beta is here!

MikroTik today announced the public release of their long awaited update to the highly successful RouterOS Operating System. The release of “v7 Beta 1” was announced to a resounding applause from the audience gathered at their MikroTik User Meeting being held in Moscow, Russia.  Naturally we immediately downloaded a copy and installed it onto a RB4011 we had in our lab. The upgrade went flawlessly and we soon discovered the interface was very similar to before. Access was tested using their Winbox tool (v3.19) and we observed that the Linux Kernel had been upgraded and that the core Routing Engine replaced.  There were also some interesting new commands only visible when using the CLI, such as a possible Easter Egg “/routing fantasy” which was also humorously referred to in a Tweet by MikroTik later in the day.
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Peplink – Advanced Routing Made Easy

Peplink offers versatility and ease-of-use with their Balance software solution. With the ability to configure application based QoS, Advanced Content Filtering, Per User Bandwidth Control and other advanced features, the Peplink Balance One Dual-WAN Router can help you create a secure, child friendly and remotely accessible network within a few clicks of a mouse button.
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The Ubiquiti UniFi Controller. How, where and on what?

AC Range

Many customers ask us questions such as “Should I cloud host my UniFi controller?” and “Do I need a hardware UniFi controller?”. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions as much of it comes down to the specifics of the job.

If you are installing UniFi equipment for your end users then a cloud based solution is a great answer. You can manage multiple sites for multiple customers all in one place. Some distributors and resellers even offer their own cloud-hosted options, but these carry an annual cost as well as admin fees. It is not as hard to host your own Controller as you might think, and you can get the software for free from the Ubiquiti website.

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How to Create a Folder in MikroTik RouterOS

If you need to create a new folder in MikroTik RouterOS, you have probably navigated to the Files menu and looked for a ‘create new folder’ button. Then not finding one, you’ve Googled to find out what command to use to create a folder.

I’ll save you the effort of looking… there isn’t one!  The only search results that come up explain how to use ftp or sftp to create a folder that way.  All very complicated and messy.
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Securing Your MikroTik RouterOS

There has been an ever growing amount of press similar to this most recent blog about security vulnerabilities being found in RouterOS.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

Do we need to constantly upgrade all the time and be worried about what is going to be discovered next, while our attention is distracted?

The answer is actually quite simple:

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Training: Ubiquiti UBWA A0119 Broadband Wireless Admin Course — Places Available

For anyone interested in learning more about Ubiquiti products and specifically outdoor PtP (point to point) links, PtMP (point to multipoint), interconnecting CCTV cameras wirelessly, creating links between buildings, remote access and many other useful techniques.

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LinITX Official End of Year Sale is Now Live – Up to 85% Off!

LinITX are pleased to announce our End of Year Sale is under way. Although we’ve officially announced up to 85% off, there are some more unusual products with a huge 98% discount!

The sale starts today – Wednesday 28th November and ends Friday 7th December, that’s 10 whole days of deep discounts.

Stock is limited at these sale prices, they will revert to the previous web prices once the allocated quantities sell out.
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Ubiquiti UAP AC PRO Wireless Access Point is Back!

It seems that Ubiquiti have been listening to customer feedback and decided to re-introduce the UAP-AC-PRO after making it “end of life” a few months ago.

As one of our top-selling products, we are pleased to finally have this product back in our warehouse, fully stocked. Customers can buy a UniFi UAP AC PRO online from with immediate effect. Also, we can confirm that this is exactly the same model as the previous retail version, including the PoE injector as part of the package, no changes have been made.
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