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How to Configure APN Settings on MikroTik LTE Devices

Our customers often ask how to configure APN settings for MikroTik LTE devices they’ve purchased from us, so we thought we’d write this useful guide to help you with the most common ways of configuring a correct setup. I’ve just received my MikroTik LTE router, what do I do …

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How to Guide: Ubiquiti UniFi L3 SSH Connection and Adoption

Regular UniFi adoption is preformed over Layer 2. L2 adoption on UniFi (where the devices and UniFi Network application are on the same network) uses self discovery, any¬†locally-available, unmanaged UniFi Devices will appear as “Pending Adoption” in the UniFi Network application itself (in the Devices section). This is the most …

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How to Model Wireless PTP Links Using Ubiquiti airLink

Need to know if a link distance is possible? Want to get an idea of predicted throughput? Ubiquiti’s airLink is a fantastic tool, if used correctly. There are some intricacies to using airLink correctly in the UK. Below we will explain step by step, how to model your prospective link …

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